Like a bat, L’Antennista roam around bouncing sounds and information. It dresses antennas that it builds on itself over the context in which it moves. It is an emotional diviner in search of frequencies, ultra-sensitive to electromagnetic waves, ultrasound, light, feelings and paranoias.

Lorenzo Lunghi (Crema 1993). His sculptural-performance practice comes from DIY, between neo-Luddite imagery and sci-fi alienation, in a psycho-emotional perspective. He holds a BFA from the Accademia Carrara, Bergamo (2018) and a MFA from HEAD, Geneva (2021). He has exhibited in various contexts, including: Spazio SERRA (Milan, 2023); La Rada (Locarno, 2023); Manifattura Tabacchi (Florence, 2022); Plattform22 (Kulturhaus Palazzo, 2022); Giulietta (Basel, 2021); ANCONTEMPORANEA (Ancona, 2021); Localedue (Bologna, 2021); Palazzo delle Esposizioni (Rome, 2020); Sonnenstube (Spazio Morel, 2019). He was part of the DITTO collective (2016-2019), whose exhibitions we mention: Eclissi (MACAO, Milan, 2018); Spettri (Villa Farinacci, Rome, 2018); Blind Date (Current, Milan, 2018). Since 2019 he has been curating a series of exhibitions and workshops in extra-urban spaces: Erbacce (Brugherio, 2020); Miraggio (Fontanile Fontanone, 2019).