Only kind of its genus, the condylura is a mole characterized by a uniquely shaped and absurdly sensitive nose. A specialized organ that has been compared to saccadic vision: a tactile eye.
Walter Benjamin used the figure of tactile or haptic vision to describe the perception and aesthetics of the choc, as opposed to optical vision and the experience of the aura. Roger Caillois placed under the patronage of the star-nosed mole his essay Au coeur du fantastique, dedicated to ambiguous, prismatic images. The condylura is a navigational star (nose) to dig into ever-shifting notions of experimentation and criticality in contemporary arts. Its tactile eye captures all waves across editorial, online, live, and on site spectrums.

Condylura is a research platform based in Bologna (Italy), dedicated to contemporary artistic experimentation. It operates following principles of interdisciplinarity and no profit.

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