Paolo Bufalini (Rome, 1994) lives and works in Bologna, Italy. He mainly operates in the fields of sculpture and installation, an artistic practice that has though expanded, often through collaboration, also in curating, live arts, and text-based arts. Between 2016 and 2019 he co-run with Filippo Cecconi the project-space TRIPLA, three former commercial windows, lit 24/7, hosting for three years exhibitions by both Italian and International artists, some of which at their first appearance in Italy. TRIPLA represented one of the main independent artistic projects in Bologna, dedicating part of its program to the city art scene and collaborating with both Art City and Live Arts Week festivals [1] [2].
Paolo Bufalini's work has been presented in solo and group exhibitions, lives, and residencies; selected for the 2020 acquisitions of Emilia-Romagna's public collections, he received the Combat Prize Sculpture Award and the Ducato Prize Academy Award [3] [4]Recent activities include the participation in 2020 at Nuovo Forno del Pane, the first edition of the art residency held by MAMbo [5]; shows in Bologna, Milan, and Amsterdam [6] [7] [8] [9] [10]; and collaborations with other artists, such as the collective project Nights [11] [12].
His work has been recently on view at Futuro: arte e società dagli anni 60 a domani, c. by L. Beatrice and W. Guadagnini, Gallerie d'Italia Vicenza.

Collaborations: CONDYLURA01 (2021)

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