Wieland Schonfelder (b. 1985) lives and works in Berlin. Through a multimedia approach, that crosses computer animation, sculpture, and installation, his artistic practice confronts the boundaries between visual and performing arts, moving and still-image, blurring the scenic and the exhibition frames by creating weird, manifestly staged worlds, within which he often inquires notions coming from political theory, aesthetics, and metaphysics. The scenes and characters he creates, highly refined and rendered through high-tech means such as digital modeling and 3D printing, are constellated with references to both high and low brow traditions of art and theater, from modernist avant-gardes to puppetry and folk figurines, often recalling scenography models and preparatory maquettes.
Wieland Schoenfelder's work has been presented in numerous solo, duo, and group exhibitions throughout Europe and in the United States, taking part in shows in Berlin [1] [2] [3] [4] , Kopenhagen [5], London [6], Porto  [7], Prague  [8], Vienna [9], and Los Angeles [10]. He studied Theater at Vienna Konstervatorium and worked over the years as an actor and set designer. He began his visual arts studies in 2013 at UDK, graduating in 2018 as a Meisterchüler in the class of Manfred Pernice.
His solo show O ovo e a figura has been recently exhibited at Kunsthalle Freeport, Porto (Portugal) [11] .

Collaborations: CONDYLURA02 (2021)

Artist website: wielandschoenfelder.com