Simon Vincenzi is a London-based theatre director, choreographer and designer. His interdisciplinary work is often developed through long processes made up of interrelated performances, installations, videos and web pages. Through an exploration of memory and oblivion, consciousness and the dissociation of the self, these different manifestations frequently tap into the unconscious, taking the audience/spectator into an uncertain and unknown landscape.
With Bock & Vincenzi he presented invisible dances… from afar: A show that will never be shown (2003), a work made only to be experienced on the telephone [1], and The Invisible Dances (2004-2006), a theatre work in three acts presented over three years at The Royal Opera House Clore Theatre, The Venice Biennale, Nott Dance International Festival, Kunstenfestivaldesarts and the Laban Theatre, London [2] [3] . He continued with the five-year project Operation Infinity, working with the fictional theatre company Troupe Mabuse. This interdisciplinary work was made up of different but related performances, installations and videos that included: The Infinite Pleasures of The Great Unknown; Club Extinction; Luxuriant: In The Reign Of Anticipation and King Real Against The Guidelines. The ‘live’ documentation of the project can continued to be seen in the online work A Fugue State of Theatre Hosted On The Internet, available at In 2019 he started the live broadcast project FROM THE DEAD AIR ORGY (first edition: The Song of Silenus at Live Arts Week in Bologna, Italy  [4] ; second edition: On The Nature of Things at BAD HOUSE Festival in Helsinki, Finland [5] ). He’s currently developing The Exquisite Corpse project (2020-22).

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