Paolo Bufalini (Rome, 1994) lives and works in Bologna, Italy. He mainly operates in the fields of sculpture and installation, an artistic practice that has though expanded, often through collaboration, also in curating, live arts, and text-based arts. In his work the affective performativity of the image is explored through themes such as animal and technological alterity, the vitality of magical thought, the restlessness of the intimate and the domestic.
He has recently exhibited at Fabbri-Schenker, London 2022; Massimo, Milano 2021; Peng on the beach, Bologna 2021; Gallerie d’Italia, Vicenza 2020; Neververland, Amsterdam 2019; DAS, Bologna 2019; Macao, Milano 2018; Raum, Bologna 2018; Live Arts Week VII, Bologna 2018. In 2021 he participated at the residency project Nuovo Forno del Pane held by MAMbo – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Bologna. His work has been selected in 2020 for the acquisitions of the public collection of Emilia-Romagna and has received the Combat Prize for sculpture and the Ducato Prize Arte Accademia.

BELOVED (2022)︎
CONDYLURA01 (2021)︎

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