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An unknown and not-yet published Italian theatre play from the 18th century gives us an insight into the worldmaking process of the artist Wieland Schoenfelder, morphing the publication into a libretto that may conceal a manifesto.
Confessions of tormented flesh, calls to political action, crime scenes, indulgences, intellectual fights and humiliations, all render a fragmented mosaic of this coral play, brought together by characters with Italian Baroque names: Severino, Azzo, Barnabuccio, Conte and Contessa de Chiozza. Nomen est omen.
Through the veil of the play, Schönfelder unveils his creative act: to bring to the surface the unheard monologue of Barnabuccio. In the end one may choose the depths of Plato’s grotto, veiling through fable, to unveil through metaphor.
L’uovo e la figura, anachronism for the sake of grace. Because one can always respond to the rope with a dance pose. Flipping is believing.


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