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La paura fa 90's! A soup of bile and liquid crystals causes a rip in the front cover, a blank page that, filtered through the oneiric prism, irradiates the newspaper with nefarious rainbows. The invite is to explore the depths of the rabbit hole, descending into a gully that opened in the kitchen and through the underground stomach. The journey feels intimate but generational, a metabolic trip to digest the experience of an acid world, made of personal traumas yet shedding light on wider social chronicity: attività intestinale analitica.
The pill is bittersweet, the adventure through the digestive system of memory resolves under clear skies of relaxed contemplation. The psychic and somatic landscapes of the jurney end up composing a collective rite to exorcize the monsters: Trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat, whether it is a solid soup, a ramen-emoticon, or a spooky biscuit.


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