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Eleonora Luccarini transfigures the pages of the newspaper, bringing together a book of poetry with a performance project in a fanzine stand.
The poetry of Léonard Santé (alter-ego of the artist) has crossed different forms and media, from performance to video, with each iteration changing the extremes of the relationship among language, image, and body. The poems outline a developing identity, fragile but not docile, merging biography and fiction to open up a space of bilingual and transgender intermediation between the experiences and sensibilities of the artist and the alter-ego, where the performativity of the self, affections and cultural criticism can be inquired.
Léonard Santé does not only perform a motion of revolution as a movement of the body and the word across the pages, but also a revolutionary movement of the word and the body across the norms that regulate them.


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